Rocky Mountain Tumbler, Does it Work?

The all new Rocky Mountain Tumbler is now available for shipping. When we first saw this new product come across our desk, I have to say we were a little reserved on what we thought the popularity was gonna be like. Mainly because of the big dogs on the market, Yeti Tumblers. We dug a little deeper, as we always do and watched the commercial. Rocky Mountain Tumbler boasts it can be blasted by a blow torch with cold water in and it will still be cold. Yep, go ahead and leave the tumbler in a car during the summer for hours and it will still stay cold for up to 24 hours and will keep your hot drinks piping hot for up to 12 hours. Frozen in a box of ice and the hot beverage still comes out hot!

Rocky Mountain Tumbler

Couple things intrigued us as we started to learn about the tumbler market. 1st, most other stainless steel tumblers that are 30oz, like the Rocky Tumbler is, are priced at $39.95. This makes the Rocky Mountain Mug nicely priced at $19.95! Another plus that sets this tumbler apart is it features a tapered design so it fits any cup holder. It also features a sweat proof grip so no messy sweating drips. It also comes with a bonus water tight lid!

So I was very excited to try one out for myself! Personally I love drinking water with a bunch of lemon wedges in it. I tried the tumbler out on a warmer day here in Florida and I was very pleasantly surprised that it does keep my water cold for a very long time. I did test out the “up to” 24 hour claim and I would say that may be a slight stretch! But only a slight stretch because it was still super cold and going strong 14 hours later after a long day of work and errands. Our store manager, Sarah had this to say about her daily huge cup of coffee, ” I LOVE my morning coffee that usually runs into my afternoon coffee! It was very nice to use this tumbler because it holds a large amount of coffee and the last sip was just as warm as the 1st!”

We give the new As Seen on TV Rocky Mountain a grade A and will for sure use them during our daily grinds!

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Features:

  • Kitchen grade stainless steel
  • Keeps your drink fresh and cold all day
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Clear lid
  • Holds 30 ounces of water
  • BPA free

Go here for more info on the Rocky Mountain Tumbler



Clear TV Key HD Antenna As Seen on TV


Clear TV Key


Clear TV KEY, As Seen on TV, is a digital HD TV indoor Antenna that can help you watch live high-definition broadcast television without an cable bill.

Clear TV KEY is the new, slender version of the original version Clear TV. With Clear TV Key’s sleek design, this antenna discreetly installs into your TV. No bulky antennas. 

Clear TV Key Antenna boasts that their HD TV antenna will give you totally free television instantly without any wires or cables. They state you simply stick it on the back of your TV where the cable normally goes and BOOM! Stunning HD TV of all your favorite network channels absolutely free. 

Maybe you’re thinking about buying Clear TV KEY Antenna, canceling your cable subscription and saving a ton of money.

Clear TV KEY Antenna is essentially just a modern version of “rabbit ears”, with one major difference: instead of picking up analog signals and displaying them on your TV, Clear TV KEY captures digital signals floating around in the air.

What Channels & Content Does Clear TV KEY Antenna Provide?

The Digital Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 required that all broadcasters switch from analog to digital signals as of February 17, 2009. Why is this important?

This meant that if most of your favorite programming was on broadcast TV, such as NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and others, you would need to purchase a new digital antenna like Clear TV Key to continue watching television.

The Clear TV Key Antenna gives you access to over-the-air channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, CW, etc., and nothing extra. Do you enjoy shows like Law & Order, The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, and the Good Wife? Since these are aired on major networks, Clear TV Key can help.

Clear TV Key can help you save thousands by cutting your cable bill, you can even take Clear TV Key when you travel, go camping, tailgating, or out on the boat.

Up to now, we’ve learned that Clear TV Key Antenna basically works like any other antenna. It picks up broadcasts sent from local towers, puts them together, and displays them on your TV. And because these digital signals don’t lose information, you’ll get much better picture quality.

 Your digital signal can be scrambled if you’re on the other side of a hill, ridge, or even a tall building.

To find out how close you are to a TV broadcast tower, we’d recommend visiting or the FCC Reception Map.

Magic Tracks As Seen on TV

magic tracks glow race track as seen on tv

Magic Tracks Glow in the Dark Race Track

Ever thought that there are way too many kid’s birthday parties coming up throughout the year, and you always run out of options for their gifts? Stress no more! Magic Tracks claims to be an awesome toy that will make any kid the talk of the town!

Magic Tracks is a flexible racetrack which features light-up cars. You simply snap the pieces together and adjust the track to whatever design you want. You can even adjust it while the cars are moving on the track. Here are a few pros and cons associated with this item.

Pros: This As Seen on TV racetrack is an excellent toy that kids will love. Snapping together pieces is simple, and even younger children can get in on the fun. The glowing feature of the track adds extra enjoyment when used at night, as are the LED lights in the individual cars.

Cons: The light-up cars require batteries, and can drain them rather quickly. Although snapping sections together is easy, it is also easy for them to fall apart or create areas the cars cannot move across.

Overall,be prepared to make some kids very happy and be labeled the “Best gift giver EVER”!!


Pokemon Poke Ball Charger

pokemon poke ball charger

Pokemon Poke Ball Smart Device Charger

Is Pokemon Go draining your battery? Use the new Poke ball to charge your device while hunting those pesky Pokemon! It has an extra bright LED light that you can show your friends your position without any trouble. It also has a cool attached clasp so you can hang it on your belt or your backpack so you are hands free to go hunting!!  My kids love it, because they will never have to miss that rare Pokemon ever again because of a dead battery!

Find the Pokemon Poke Ball Charger

Go Runner Belt As Seen on TV

go runner belt fanny pack as seen on tv

Go Runner Belt As Seen on TV

Going for a run but don’t want to have to carry your keys, wallet, and phone in your hand? You need Go Runner Belt!

With dual pockets that expand, you can carry your essentials in this clever runner belt. The slim design means you can wear the Go Runner Belt discreetly under your clothes. Go Runner Belt pockets expand to fit credit cards, keys, smartphones, and more.

Go Runner Belt is perfect while jogging, biking, traveling, shopping, and other outdoor activities.

Available in a variety of colors, $6.95-$9.95.

Watermelon Slicer As Seen on TV

slice right watermelon slicer as seen on tv

Watermelon Slicer As Seen on TV

Slice your watermelon the right way with the Watermelon Slicer As Seen on TV. This watermelon slicer makes slicing watermelon super easy. No more messy trimming and cleanup.

With the Watermelon Slicer you can cut through melons with ease. Cut perfectly sized pieces every time.

Watermelon Slicer is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Works great for watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew melon, and even birthday cakes!

Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener

swifty sharp motorized knife sharpener as seen on tv

Swifty Sharp Knife Sharpener

You’ve spent a small fortune on your kitchen knives, but keeping them sharp is no easy task. The trick is knowing how to sharpen at the right angle, otherwise you end dulling your knives. If you’re like me you’ve never quite gotten this down. So, how do you sharpen your knives like a pro? Get Swifty Sharp!

Swifty Sharp, as seen on TV, is a motorized knife sharpener that does all the work for you. With a built in guide, Swifty Sharp takes out all the guessing of whether you have the correct angle to sharpen your knives. Swifty Sharp keeps your knives at the right angle so they sharpen to like new again.

Swifty Sharp is not just for kitchen knives. You can use it to sharpen precision tools, scissors, and other household tools as well.

A very handy tool to have around the house and it doesn’t take up much space- Swifty Sharp is compact so you it won’t crowd your counter tops or it can be easily stored away.

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Snackeez Star Wars The Force Awakens

snackeez star wars

Snackeez Jr. Stars Wars

Snackeez is the cup that holds a drink and snack at the same time, making snacking easier than ever before. This ingenious snacking solution took the world by storm back in 2013 being one of the highest selling As Seen on TV products ever. Sales continue as Snackeez introduce new colors and styles. Snackeez can be found with the Disney movie Frozen characters, Minions, and an assortment of fun colors. Now the Star Wars franchise is jumping in the game with their own Snackeez!

The new Stars Wars Movie edition of Snackeez is the Jr. size, which is a little smaller than the original size. Perfect for little ones, Snackeez Jr. Star Wars holds an 8 oz drink and a 4 oz snack.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens is sure to be a huge hit with kids and no doubt they will be Star Wars obsessed for a while. Snackeez makes snacking easier for kids and with their favorite Star Wars character on Snackeez Jr. it’s sure to make the perfect gift!

Find Snackeez Jr Star Wars

Wonder Wallet RFID Blocker As Seen on TV

wonder wallet rfid blocking wallet

Wonder Wallet

Your private information on your credit cards can be stolen without you even knowing it…while the person stealing it is standing right next to. With an RFID scanner, thieves can pick up all the information on your credit cards and ID cards. Next thing you know your credit card has been charged for items you did not purchase!

Aluminum blocks the RFID scanners from being able to pick up the frequency emitted by your credit cards. Aluminum Wallets have helped many people stop thieves from stealing their information, and they’re great but not very stylish. Now there’s Wonder Wallet, as seen on TV. A stylish, leather wallet with an aluminum lining that blocks RFID scanners, keeping your personal information and identity safe.

Wonder Wallet is super slim to fit easily in your pocket or purse while still allowing you to carry up to 24 credit cards, IDs, and cash.

Don’t let thieves steal your credit card and personal information, get Wonder Wallet!

Bright Time Buddies Night Lights As Seen on TV

bright time buddies night lights as seen on tv

Bright Time Buddies

Bright Time Buddies are the new adorable night lights that your child can cuddle with and take anywhere!

As Seen on TV is always coming up with the cutest kids items and Bright Time Buddies are no exception. These little night light buddies light up in a rotation of 3 colors or can be set on just one color. They’re soft so your child can cuddle with them- makes bed time so much more fun!

Bright Time Buddies are perfect for at home or traveling!

Get Bright Time Buddies