Water Globe Plant Watering Bulbs


water globes 2 pack

Water Globes have thrown outdated technology out the window and in its place has created the perfect watering system that has truly changed the way we water our plants. The pretty blue and green globes are actually sophisticated watering systems that implement natural technology to determine when plants are thirsty. The globes are easy to fill, plants are luxuriously healthy and happy, even when you’re too busy. Water globes deliver the right amount of water for up to two weeks. Getting started with watering globes couldn’t be easier. Here are a few tips:

  • Dampen the soil before using watering globes for the first time.
  • Fill the globe with water (adding liquid plant food, if desired)
  • Use a pencil, pen or table knife to poke into the soil, then insert the cone in the hole.
  • Refill the globes as needed, and remember, there is no need to remove soil from the spike.
  • Wash the globes every so often with warm water and gentle dish detergent to keep them looking their best.

There’s little doubt that for hassle-free plant care, these innovative globes have surpassed any other watering globes on the market today.

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Waist Trainer Belt

waist trainer 2

Waist training with waist trimmer belts has become very popular. The premise is really simple – it improves your posture, helps you burn fat faster during a workout and gives you the perfect hourglass shape that you’ve always been dreaming about. A waist trimmer or a waist trainer, as it’s also known, can help you accomplish those goals. Or can it? Understanding how a waist trimmer works and whether it can achieve everything you’re hoping for in terms of looking slimmer will make it easier for you to determine if you should purchase one.

The first way in which a waist trimmer belt changes your appearance is the immediate one. This corset-like garment is made of an elastic fabric. It’s a relatively tight piece that can reduce the prominence of the belly and the love handles.

Putting a waist trainer on will immediately help you “lose” a few inches from the waist. The cinching accomplished with the help of the belt is ideal if you have to wear a tight dress or you have a special occasion coming up but you still haven’t managed to shed those extra pounds. This effect is known as compression and it’s been used for centuries. This is what the corsets of the past used to do. The compression is so powerful that you’ll look a few inches slimmer even after taking the waist trimmer belt off. In a few hours, the body will return back to its normal shape.

In the long run, the waist trainer belt can help you get rid of the stubborn belly fat more effectively. To get these results, however, you’ll have to wear the belt every single time you exercise. A regular workout routine will also be required to get the tiny waist that you’ve always been dreaming about.

Though in this instance the waist trimmer belt isn’t contributing to weight loss, it’s helping change the silhouette. If you’ve seen pictures of women without a corset and with one on, you know that it can make a huge difference.

In addition, the waist trainer belt makes you straighten your body and it also improves your posture. This is how it gives your silhouette something regal and particularly attractive.

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Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

magnetic mesh


The Magnetic Mesh Screen Door, with all easy installation accessories, is that ONE magnetic screen door for your home and patio, and it works like a charm. Magnetic Mesh Screen Door is a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional screen doors that tapes to three sides of a door jam, enabling people and pets to walk through the center. The magnets in the center of the 2 panels automatically close this mesh door behind you.

Thick mesh to screen off bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other insects, yet thin enough to allow fresh air to enter.

This walk through screen door is perfectly pet and child friendly! No need to yell “close the door!”. No need to look towards other door screens!

With the super easy installation you’ll be able to use this Magnetic Mesh Screen Door from the day you receive it. Get ready to enjoy the fresh outdoors without the bugs!

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Windmill Watermelon Slicer

windmill watermelon


The weather is heating up and that means some of the items on your grocery list may change for the summer. If you’re avoiding adding watermelons to yours because slicing them can get messy, we might just have a solution for you.

When it comes to kitchen tools, there are some pretty interesting finds out there, and this funny-looking watermelon cutter is the latest to catch our eye. This “windmill” watermelon cutter makes it easy to cut a split watermelon in ready-to-serve cubes in just a few seconds, which is a whole lot faster than using your typical kitchen knife. It’s so helpful, we have a feeling that you’re going to see it everywhere this summer.

With just a small push, this nifty kitchen tool cuts through large melons and serves up one-inch squares, which you can throw in your salad, snack on alone, or pair with whipped cream for a healthy dessert. The unique slicer quickly and efficiently preps the fruit with almost no hassle, so you don’t have to worry about sharp knives slipping or keeping a grip on the slippery melon.

Investing in the Windmill Watermelon Slicer makes it easy to enjoy whole watermelon, which will help you skip the overpriced, pre-cut grocery store fruit and its wasteful packaging. Plus, you can use it to cut up other tasty treats like honeydew, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, and more.

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WalkFit Platinum Insoles

walk fit orthodics

Being someone that suffers from Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs, these WalkFit Orthodics insoles have been Heaven Sent!! These amazing insoles have offered tremendous relief for my feet. I have tried many other brands, even prescription insoles, and none have worked as good as these do. I can be on my feet for hours and even walk the mall with little to no pain at all.

The only problem I have is that I didn’t buy these sooner. I love my WalkFit Platinum Orthodics Insoles, they are the best!

Fitness Activity Tracker Bracelet

fitness tracker main

If you are looking for a reliable yet stylish fitness tracker, look no further. This Fitness Activity Tracker is an affordable option and perfect for people that want to stay fit and healthy. Not just a pedometer, this activity tracker has heart rate monitoring, sleep statistics, counts calories, and so many other options. This fitness tracker is Bluetooth  compatible and can be used with android and apple products. So many great options in one small device.

This Fitness Activity Tracker is great for anyone that wants a healthy lifestyle on the go!

Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin

snowflake rolling pin

I received my Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin the other day. I was so excited that I had to try it out. I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use and my cookies came out perfect every time! I am so excited to make pies and cookies for my family this Christmas. They are going to be so surprised because I am definitely not crafty, so this rolling pin makes things so much easier. The snowflake design is my favorite and the Elk Reindeer design is super adorable too. These Christmas rolling pins will make a  great gift idea for all of the bakers and foodies on your list this year!

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Wireless TV Headphones

wireless tv headphones black

Watching TV late at night is no longer an issue with my new Wireless TV Headphones. I can watch TV as loud as I want or even listen to my favorite music channels and not disturb any one in the house. The ear pads are comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time with no discomfort or irritation. The sound is clear and precise. I use these wireless headphones while I’m cooking, running on the treadmill, and even vacuuming the house. Overall this is a great bargain and a great product!

Get your own Wireless TV Headphones!

Huggle Hoodie Blanket

huggle hoodie

My Huggle Hoodie Blanket is my favorite new wardrobe accessory. This blanket is so comfortable and warm even on the coldest of days! The soft material in combination with natural body heat generates so much warmth. The large pocket is a great add on to help keep hands warm and cozy too!

I bought a Huggle Hoodie for everyone in the house and we all absolutely love them. Looking forward to staying warm this winter and not making my electric and heating bill skyrocket.

Huggle Hoodie will make a great gift for anyone on your list!

Silicone Stretch Lids Food Covers

silicone stretch lids

Silicone Stretch Lids are my new favorite go to in my kitchen! No more wasting time or money on Saran Wrap, foil, or baggies. And best of all, no more searching the cupboards for the matching lid. These stretchy alternatives come in different sizes and will work on a large variety of all shapes and sizes of containers and foods.

These Silicone Stretch Lids create a tight seal to keep your food fresh without spills. And best of all they are reusable, lowering your carbon foot print with less waste.

Fresh food, no spills, saves money and helps the environment…can’t go wrong with that! Get your Silicone Stretch Lids Set of 6 today!