Water Globe Plant Watering Bulbs


water globes 2 pack

Water Globes have thrown outdated technology out the window and in its place has created the perfect watering system that has truly changed the way we water our plants. The pretty blue and green globes are actually sophisticated watering systems that implement natural technology to determine when plants are thirsty. The globes are easy to fill, plants are luxuriously healthy and happy, even when you’re too busy. Water globes deliver the right amount of water for up to two weeks. Getting started with watering globes couldn’t be easier. Here are a few tips:

  • Dampen the soil before using watering globes for the first time.
  • Fill the globe with water (adding liquid plant food, if desired)
  • Use a pencil, pen or table knife to poke into the soil, then insert the cone in the hole.
  • Refill the globes as needed, and remember, there is no need to remove soil from the spike.
  • Wash the globes every so often with warm water and gentle dish detergent to keep them looking their best.

There’s little doubt that for hassle-free plant care, these innovative globes have surpassed any other watering globes on the market today.

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