Windmill Watermelon Slicer

windmill watermelon


The weather is heating up and that means some of the items on your grocery list may change for the summer. If you’re avoiding adding watermelons to yours because slicing them can get messy, we might just have a solution for you.

When it comes to kitchen tools, there are some pretty interesting finds out there, and this funny-looking watermelon cutter is the latest to catch our eye. This “windmill” watermelon cutter makes it easy to cut a split watermelon in ready-to-serve cubes in just a few seconds, which is a whole lot faster than using your typical kitchen knife. It’s so helpful, we have a feeling that you’re going to see it everywhere this summer.

With just a small push, this nifty kitchen tool cuts through large melons and serves up one-inch squares, which you can throw in your salad, snack on alone, or pair with whipped cream for a healthy dessert. The unique slicer quickly and efficiently preps the fruit with almost no hassle, so you don’t have to worry about sharp knives slipping or keeping a grip on the slippery melon.

Investing in the Windmill Watermelon Slicer makes it easy to enjoy whole watermelon, which will help you skip the overpriced, pre-cut grocery store fruit and its wasteful packaging. Plus, you can use it to cut up other tasty treats like honeydew, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, and more.

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