WalkFit Platinum Insoles

walk fit orthodics

Being someone that suffers from Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs, these WalkFit Orthodics insoles have been Heaven Sent!! These amazing insoles have offered tremendous relief for my feet. I have tried many other brands, even prescription insoles, and none have worked as good as these do. I can be on my feet for hours and even walk the mall with little to no pain at all.

The only problem I have is that I didn’t buy these sooner. I love my WalkFit Platinum Orthodics Insoles, they are the best!

Fitness Activity Tracker Bracelet

fitness tracker main

If you are looking for a reliable yet stylish fitness tracker, look no further. This Fitness Activity Tracker is an affordable option and perfect for people that want to stay fit and healthy. Not just a pedometer, this activity tracker has heart rate monitoring, sleep statistics, counts calories, and so many other options. This fitness tracker is Bluetooth  compatible and can be used with android and apple products. So many great options in one small device.

This Fitness Activity Tracker is great for anyone that wants a healthy lifestyle on the go!

Wonder Wallet RFID Blocker As Seen on TV

wonder wallet rfid blocking wallet

Wonder Wallet

Your private information on your credit cards can be stolen without you even knowing it…while the person stealing it is standing right next to. With an RFID scanner, thieves can pick up all the information on your credit cards and ID cards. Next thing you know your credit card has been charged for items you did not purchase!

Aluminum blocks the RFID scanners from being able to pick up the frequency emitted by your credit cards. Aluminum Wallets have helped many people stop thieves from stealing their information, and they’re great but not very stylish. Now there’s Wonder Wallet, as seen on TV. A stylish, leather wallet with an aluminum lining that blocks RFID scanners, keeping your personal information and identity safe.

Wonder Wallet is super slim to fit easily in your pocket or purse while still allowing you to carry up to 24 credit cards, IDs, and cash.

Don’t let thieves steal your credit card and personal information, get Wonder Wallet!

Hot Stamps Glitter Designs For Hair

hot stamps glitter designs for hair

Hot Stamps For Hair

Hot Stamps are the latest hair design tool from As Seen on TV. These glitter filled stamps give your hair a little glitz, glam, and glimmer.

Add some flare to your hair with Hot Stamps. You get fun designs like hearts, stars, peace signs, and flowers. Perfect for your next party or big celebration.

Very similar to a temporary tattoo for your hair, Hot Stamps are easy to apply- simply stamp on your hair. When you’re done with your Hot Stamps just brush your hair and the stamps come right out.

Kids, tweens, and teens will love Hot Stamps!

Best Selfie Stick

seflie stick extendable monopod for smartphones

Selfie Stick

Everyone is obsessed with taking selfies! Now it’s even easier to take the best selfies of you and your friends with this Selfie Stick. No need to ask a stranger to take your picture when you have a selfie stick!

This Selfie Stick is by far the best we’ve found on the market today. It is a wired selfie monopod stick that connects directly to your smartphone to the audio jack. Open your camera and your ready to click away.

No need for Bluetooth with this selfie stick. Simply use the built in remote button on the stick. It couldn’t be simpler.

For some, the Selfie Stick takes away from the funny pictures you get when not using the selfie stick- they think it makes it too easy. Selfie Stick Backlash may happen but we believe those folks are just jealous that they don’t have their own selfie stick. Show your Selfie Stick Pride!

Get your Selfie Stick now!

Selfie Stick Monopod – Get The Best Selfies!

seflie stick extendable monopod for smartphones

Selfie Stick

Everyone loves taking selfies- you seen them posted all over Facebook and Instagram, even nominees at the 2013 Oscar Awards joined in the fun with Ellen DeGeneres. Selfies are a great way to capture a special moment with close friends, family, or just on your own without having to stop and ask a stranger to take a photo.

The problem is you can never seem to fit everyone in the picture if you’re taking a group selfie. If you’re taking one of just yourself you just can’t get the right angle. If only your arm was a little longer.  Bummer that you can’t change the length of your arm to get the best selfie possible.

Well, that was a problem, but not anymore…introducing the Selfie Stick!

The Selfie Stick is an extendable monopod to hold a smartphone or digital camera. The stick extends to a little over 3ft so you can everyone in the picture! Selfie Stick also allows you to get cool angles up high or down low that you never could before with just your human arm.

Selfie Stick makes taking selfies more fun than ever before!

We have searched for the best possible Selfie Stick and we think we have found it. This one is wired with a 3.5mm connect to plug right into your smartphone. Other models require you to connect to Bluetooth and have separate remotes- too complicated and isn’t compatible with a lot of phones. The Selfie Stick Z07-5 Plus works with android and iOS and is an all-in-one design to keep things nice and simple- plus, you don’t have to connect to Bluetooth…just plug in and you’re ready to go! Comes in a variety of colors.

Find Selfie Stick here.

Clever Grip Smartphone Car Mount Clip

clever grip smartphone car mount clip

Clever Grip

Clever Grip, as seen on TV, is the latest smartphone and GPS car mount allowing you to use your phone hands free. The traditional car mounts for phones attach to your car’s dashboard or windshield. These car phone mounts are great because they make utilizing your phone or GPS for directions while driving safer since they are hands free. Unfortunately, they can also block your view of the road, creating another hazard.

The Clever Grip is a new design that clips your smartphone or GPS to the air vent of your car. This places your phone at the perfect height for viewing and reaching without blocking your view of the road.

With a spring action the Clever Grip slides open and closed for use with various sized phones and holds securely. The clip attaches your phone or GPS to your car’s air vent but also doubles as a stand for use in your home or office.

Find Clever Grip Smartphone Car Mount Clip

Kangaroo Keeper Brite Purse Organizer

kangaroo keeper brite purse bag organizer

Kangaroo Keeper Brite

From the makers of the original Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer, as seen on TV, comes the all new Kangaroo Keeper Brite! This one features the same great organizing capabilities as the original but with the addition of an LED light. When you open your purse you can actually SEE what’s inside!

Kangaroo Keeper Brite can hold up to 70 items. It comes in a set of 2 1 lg and 1 smaller size to fit most purse and bag sizes. These make changing purses super easy!

We loved the original Kangaroo Keeper and are loving the new Brite version even more!


Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

eagle eyes sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

The Florida Sun (the sun anywhere, really) wreaks havoc upon my eyes, especially during morning and evening commutes. Luckily, I came across Eagle Eyes Sunglasses, which far surpass any other pair of sunglasses I’ve ever worn. Developed by NASA for astronauts in space where there isn’t an atmosphere that protects their eyes from the sun’s rays, these sunglasses are unique in that they incorporate the Eagle Eyes® certified TriLenium® Lens System that protects your eyes against the various wave lengths of the sun’s light. These aren’t your everyday gas station sunglasses. EagleEyes Sunglasses have scratch resistant protection. But, you really have to try Eagle Eyes Sunglasses on outdoors to see how well they protect your eyes.
I love it in the springtime when the fresh buds on the trees are first appearing, and in the fall when the leaves transform into a rainbow of colors. EagleEyes Sunglasses amplify the range of these beautiful colors because they filter out the sun’s harmful rays. That haze during the summer is eliminated as well as the glare from the sun reflecting off of snow. The point is that, when you are wearing Eagle Eyes Sunglasses, you’re not squinting because Eagle Eyes Sunglasses actually work. These really are the greatest sunglasses I’ve ever worn. They aren’t as expensive as the other leading brands. Overall, EagleEyes Sunglasses are definitely the sunglasses I will be wearing from now.

Eagle Eyes SeeMore Night Glasses

Many of you know and LOVE your Eagle Eyes Sunglasses.  NASA developed lens, UV protected, polarized, vision enhancing, blue blocker sunglasses that are unlike any other sunglasses out there, and so much better.  Eagle Eyes has taken that technology and applied it to their new SeeMore Night Glasses to block glare at nighttime while helping you see better.

Night Glasses have grown immensely in popularity over the years.  The yellow lens has been proven to brighten your surroundings to help you see better at night.  Eagle Eyes has taken this a step further with their high quality SeeMore Night Glasses.

Eagle Eyes SeeMore® lens filter glasses go further by providing “No-Glare” optical-grade AR (Anti-Reflective) Lens Coating. The result is night glasses that help reduce eye strain and fatigue along with blocking out the annoying glare of on-coming headlights.

With a yellow lens filter to brighten your surroundings and clarify your vision, plus the “No-Glare” optical-grade AR Lens Coating, you get an unparalleled pair of Night Glasses, allowing you to see better at night.

Eagle Eyes Night Glasses are available in Clip Ons and Ultralite Metro Frames.