Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

magnetic mesh


The Magnetic Mesh Screen Door, with all easy installation accessories, is that ONE magnetic screen door for your home and patio, and it works like a charm. Magnetic Mesh Screen Door is a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional screen doors that tapes to three sides of a door jam, enabling people and pets to walk through the center. The magnets in the center of the 2 panels automatically close this mesh door behind you.

Thick mesh to screen off bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other insects, yet thin enough to allow fresh air to enter.

This walk through screen door is perfectly pet and child friendly! No need to yell “close the door!”. No need to look towards other door screens!

With the super easy installation you’ll be able to use this Magnetic Mesh Screen Door from the day you receive it. Get ready to enjoy the fresh outdoors without the bugs!

Get your Magnetic Mesh Screen Door today!

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