Janimals – Wearable Stuffed Animal Pajamas!

janimals stuffed animals pajamas



Have you seen this crazy infomercial on TV? JAnimals- you know, stuffed animals that are also pajamas? Yes! They DO exist and they are so super fun!  JAnimals are the one of kind wearable stuffed animals. Now, your kids can have fun playing with their stuffed furry friend and then unroll them and wear them as pj’s!

JAnimals, as seen on TV, are a great way to get the kids to actually want to go to bed. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to wear stuffed animals to bed? I don’t think we are talking to just kids here-  I definitely know some parents who are wanting to join in the fun. Ya know- they have them in adult sizes too.

So the question is- who wants to have a JAnimals sleepover?