New Aluminum Wallet Designs

aluminum wallets
Aluminum Wallets continue to be one of our biggest sellers here at As Seen On TV Web Store. And they should be, they help to prevent identity theft and protect your credit cards. The only styles of Aluminum Wallets available were solid colors. Now, As Seen on TV Web Store has exclusive new pattern designs. With 15 designs to choose from there is one to suit every personality.

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New Aluminum Wallet Designs…As Seen on TV Web Store Exclusive!

Aluminum Wallet Designs
Aluminum Wallets have been so successful…and why not? They protect your identity from RFID scanners and their sleek design is perfect for simplifying and organizing your credit cards and business cards. We here at As Seen on TV Web Store are excited to bring you exclusive designs in Aluminum Wallets. Now you can get a personal touch on your Aluminum Wallet. With many designs to choose from…Route 66, Black Cat, Fairy, Lady Bug, Dragon Fly, and Leopard, there’s one for everyone. Look out for more designs to come! Let us know if there is one you would like us to add to our collection.

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Aluminum Wallets

Aluminum Wallets- Still our number one seller.  And it’s no surprise….most people are concerned with keeping their credit cards and identity safe from theft and the Aluminum Wallet does just that.  Did you know that your credit card information can be stolen without you even knowing it? Thieves can scan your credit card information just by standing next to you.  It’s called RFID scanners.  Your credit cards emit radio waves and the RFID scanners can pick up those radio waves and therefore your credit card information.  Aluminum blocks these radio waves from being emitted and scanners cannot access your information.

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