Cuddleuppet New Styles!

cuddleuppet ladybug

Cuddleuppets are blankets and a puppet all in one! Kids, or adults :), can play with these fun friends and then curl up at bedtime and wrap up in the warm blanket. In our previous post about Cuddleuppets we told you about Green Alligator, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Pink Poodle, Yellow Dog, and Blue Elephant. Now we have 2 more styles- Unicorn and Pink Ladybug! Now you can add to your collection!

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Cuddleuppets…Uh, What?

Say what? What is a Cuddleuppet? Well…it’s a Blanket combined with a Puppet…a Cuddleuppet! As Seen on TV is so clever, and Cuddleuppets are really a lot of fun! What child doesn’t love a puppet? Children love to use their imagination and puppets are the perfect outlet for that. Your child can have fun all day playing with their puppet and then at night they have a warm cozy blanket to snuggle with. Perfect!

Cuddleuppets are great to travel with! Those dreaded (and LONG) car rides to grandma and grandpa’s house or to your vacation spot will now be much easier with Cuddleuppets. Cuddleuppets will provide entertainment for your child, or children, during long trips. The soft head of the Cuddleuppet can be used as a pillow when sleepy, and of course the blanket provides warmth. Cuddleuppets are also great on airplanes or for sleepovers.

Available in 6 characters- Green Alligator, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Pink Poodle, Yellow Puppy, and Blue Elephant.

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Twilight Plush Night Lights

These are just about the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while…a plush turtle or ladybug whose shell lights up and projects a magical starry night sky on the ceiling and walls of any room, Twilight Turtles and Ladybugs will comfort any child.

Twilight Plush Night Lights project actual constellations so they are fun and educational. How nice would it be to lay down with your child at bedtime and look at the stars in their room together, pick out the constellations, and share a little quality time together? I think the Twilight Night Lites are the perfect addition to any bedtime routine. In fact we’ve started doing it at our house. My son is 2 years old and is starting to be “scared” at night. We’ve had so much trouble getting him to fall asleep on his own. We tried all the tricks that worked with our now 5 year old daughter…created a good bedtime routine with some milk, a bath, stories, songs, but it wasn’t working for him. Luckily, we got the Twilight Turtle 2 weeks ago for him and it’s worked like a charm. He loves to gaze up at the stars and the soft light is just enough to comfort him and soon he is off to sleep. The Turtle has a built in auto shut-off so the light will go off after 45 minutes. He loves his Turtle so much that now, of course, his sister wants one. Guess we will be getting a Pink Ladybug soon!

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Nickelodeon Gak is Gak!

Nickelodeon Gak
Remember getting “slimed” on Nickelodeon? Gak was the slimey, splat that all the kids wanted. Well….Gak is Back! I guess most things from the past come back around again and Gak is no exception. So now your kids can slime, splat, bounce, stretch, and make wacky Gak sounds, too!

I must say, Gak is pretty fun to play with. You can do just about anything with it and it keeps my kids occupied for hours…awesome! What more could I ask for?

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Stompeez…Slippers with Personality

Stompeez…Slippers with Personality.

You have seen them on TV and more than likely your kids have said “Hey! I want those!” As Seen on TV presents…Stompeez. The name is as much fun to say as they are to wear. Cute, soft, comfy, and fun…these slippers are full of personality, just like your kids.

Stompeez are slippers, but not just ordinary slippers, they are slippers with personality and are the latest craze for kids, tweens and teens. Each pair is its own character whose eyes pop open and closed, ears wiggle, months open, and more as you walk, stomp, jump or hop around in them….when you move, your Stompeez will come to life! Your kids will have a blast with Stompeez at sleepovers, a night at Grandma and Grandpa’s, or just playing around the house. With Stompeez, everything is more fun!

You can join in the fun, too! Have a dance party with your kids and Stompeez! See all the crazy things you can do with these super fun slippers. Go ahead, stomp around, jump, hop, boogie down, and let your kids see how much fun you can be. Stompeez will bring out the kid in you and you and your kids will love it!

As Seen on TV has made Stompeez with durable material to withstand all the wear and tear your little ones will give these slippers because they will want to wear them all the time! Stompeez will actually help to save your carpet since your kids will immediately take off there street shoes when they walk in the door to put on their soft, comfy (and fun!) Stompeez.

Stompeez slippers with personality are the footwear for the young at heart. They are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. If you have been looking for that special gift that is unique and fun, Stompeez will be a sure hit. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just to say “I love you”, your kids will be so excited to put on their new Stompeez. With so many characters to choose from like Sir One – Eyed Monster, Growlin’ Dragon, Be-Bop Bunny, Unusual Unicorn, Perky Puppy, Playful Puppy and Peek – A – Boo Kitty, you will be sure to find one that fits your child’s unique personality. Which ever As Seen on TV slipper you choose, with Stompeez fun is always in the air!

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AppMATes Cars 2…Now I’m Gonna Have to Get an iPad!

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while…AppMATes Cars 2 is the first to bring physical toys together with a digital interface. You can literally turn your iPad into a virtual play mat. You just download the free games and play and explore with the physical toy cars from Disney’s Cars 2. Each character can unlock different parts of the game so it’s never the same. This being the first of it’s kind, AppMATes Cars 2 is just the beginning of the huge possibilities of the digital and physical worlds coming together. I’m excited to see where this will go but in the mean time, I’m enjoying this break through product myself and with my kids.

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