GoGo Pillow for Your Tablet

GoGo Pillow for Tablet

GoGo Pillow

GoGo Pillow is the amazing, as seen on TV travel pillow for any tablet!  GoGo Pillow allows you to use your tablet comfortably, anywhere you go!

This 3 in 1 pillow transforms from securely holding your tablet to a travel neck pillow and a backpack!

The GoGo Pillow straps not only make it a backpack for your own back, you can also strap them onto the back of a car seat so the kids in the back can watch movies while your on the road.  How fantastic for mom and dad….you get to drive in peace!

GoGo Pillow is perfect for use on the treadmill, on airplanes, on road trips (as long as you’re not driving, of course!), or lying in bed.

GoGo Pillow is now available at As Seen on TV Web Store in Gray, Blue, and for the super fashionista Pink Animal Print!


GoGo Pillow – Great for Traveling with Your Tablet!

GoGo Pillow for Tablet

GoGo Pillow


GoGo Pillow is the all new travel pillow from As Seen on TV, and it can be used 3 different ways!

We told you about GoGo Pillow a few weeks ago and we have been getting requests for them ever since!  These are a must have for this travel season and here’s why….

GoGo Pillow works with any tablet, allowing you to take it anywhere and use your tablet comfortably and securely.  Unzip GoGo Pillow and it transforms into a plush travel pillow.  Great for road trips, on airplanes, or even can be use for low back support.  But our favorite way to use GoGo Pillow is to strap the built in straps to the back of your car seat to watch movies!  So perfect for road trips with little ones!

Also great…now you can safely use your tablet on the treadmill or elliptical, chilling on the couch or lounge chair, even in bed you can use your tablet comfortably with GoGo Pillow.

We here at asseenontvwebstore.com are super excited for GoGo Pillow to come in, which was originally scheduled for sometime in July but we have GoGo Pillows in Gray on the way to us now!   We will let you know the moment they arrive!

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