Slushy Magic Disney Princess and Avengers Have Arrived!

slushy_magic_avengers slushy_magic_disney
You’ve been waiting and now they have arrived…Disney Princess and Avengers Slushy Magics! Making delicious slushies is now even more fun with these characters! Slushy Magic Disney Princess and Avengers makes yummy slushies in seconds, just like the original Slushy Magic. Super fun and they also make great collector’s items!

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Slushy Magic Disney Princess and Avengers!

slushy_magic_disney slushy_magic_avengers
Slushy Magic has been one of the biggest As Seen on TV products ever! This holiday season we bring you the new licensed Slushy Magics – Disney Princess and Avengers! Your kids are gonna go nuts!

In case you’re not familiar with Slushy Magic, Slushy Magic makes delicious slushies out of your favorite drinks in just seconds. The secret is the patented Magic Ice Cubes…simply freeze them in your freezer, pour your favorite beverage into the Slushy Magic Cup, add the frozen Magic Cubes, shake, shake, shake, and now you have a slushy! You can use any drink, too.

We love Slushy Magic here at As Seen on TV Web Store and can’t wait for the Disney Princess and Avengers ones to arrive! I know what my kids are getting for Christmas! 🙂

Licensed Slushy Magics are due mid October. You can pre-order here and make sure you get one!

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Slushy Magic!


Slushy Magic as to be one of my favorite As Seen on TV items ever! I just love a great slushy, don’t you? And with Slushy Magic it couldn’t be easier. All you do is freeze the Magic Ice Cubes in your freezer. Choose your favorite beverage, I love to make mine with lemonade, pour it in the Slushy Magic cup, add the Magic Ice Cubes and shake! In a matter of seconds you have a delicious Slushy!

Slushy Magic makes the perfect gift for anyone…kid or adult!
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