Water Jet Power Washer

Of all the As Seen on TV products we’ve had here at As Seen on TV Web Store, the Water Jet Power Washer is definitely one of my favorites…my husbands too. The Water Jet Power Washer is an As Seen on TV product, an attachment for your gardening hose that turns your hose into a Power Washer. We have had our Water Jet for 3 years and still use it all the time. In fact, I’d say the Water Jet has become an essential tool for all kinds of jobs. We use the Water Jet to clean the car (it’s great for tires and rims), the siding on our house, the windows, our back porch, and our driveway. It’s great because the Water Jet can reach up to the second floor windows and siding so we don’t (I guess I should say “my husband doesn’t”) have to get on a ladder to clean that part of the house. For $20, you can’t beat it.

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