Pocket Hose ULTRA Expanding Hose 75 FT!

pocket hose ultra expanding hose 75 ft as seen on tv

Pocket Hose Ultra 75 FT

The all new and improved Pocket Hose Ultra, as seen on TV, now available in 75 ft! Just like the original Pocket Hose, this expanding hose starts out small, turn the water on and it expands all the way to 75ft. What makes the Ultra different is the stronger materials used for a more durable hose.

Pocket Hose Ultra is now 3 times stronger than the original. With Amber Tips this hose is sure not to leak or burst.

Remember, with proper use you can use your Pocket Hose Ultra for a long time.  Make sure you connect properly to the spigot, turn the water on slowly so the hose does not burst, turn the water off when finished, disconnect your hose from the spigot and allow to drain completely.  Store in a dry, shaded place.

Pocket Hose Ultra 75ft is great those with a large yard or where the garden or flower beds are far from your water spigot.