Side Socket Multi Plug Outlet

Side Socket Outlet Multiplier

Side Socket Multi Outlet Plug

I so need the Side Socket!  Behind my TV is a complete mess!  I would imagine most peoples are.  With the TV, DVD player, cable box, DVR box, Xbox, Wii, speakers, etc…it’s no wonder all the cords get tangled up back there!  And my home office?  Computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, stereo, you name it, also a mess!  I haven’t found a multi plug outlet that really solved my issues until Side Socket.

Side Socket turns 2 outlets into 6, and the best part is it has a swivel head so you can keep all those cords and your furniture flush against the wall.  With other outlets you’re losing a good 2-3 inches along every wall because of the plugs sticking out (that adds up to a lot of space!), not to mention that it makes it so hard to get to the plugs without pulling your furniture out.  With Side Socket’s swivel head feature, you can access the plugs, without moving your furniture.

Side Socket is scheduled to be released in July, we will definitely keep you posted on this one.  Follow our blog for the latest updates or check back often.

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