Olde Brooklyn Lantern

The Olde Brooklyn Lantern As Seen on TV…an antique look with a modern twist. Now you don’t have to worry about an open flame causing a fire. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern has 9 LED light bulbs that last up to 100,000 hours! You’d have to use this lantern A LOT to burn those out, lol. Who doesn’t love to have the nice, soft light of a lantern when you’re out camping, taking a walk at night, or just having dinner outside? But with traditional lanterns you had to worry about the risk of fire or burning yourself. Not anymore! That’s why we love the Olde Brooklyn Lantern here at As Seen on TV Web Store.

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Mighty Light -No Outlets, No Wiring!


What a great way to bring light to your patio or entrance way without the hassle or cost of installing electrical lights. Mighty Light As Seen On TV gives you hands-free, powerful, cordless LED light anywhere. The high-powered LED lights are motion and light sensor activated and automatic so you just have to set them up and let them do their thing! Simply peel and stick and installation is done.

Mighty Lights will help you save money with the energy efficient LED lights that can last up to 30,000 hours. With the built in timer your Mighty Light will turn off automatically when you don’t need it. You get powerful light where you need it…when you need it!

Mighty Light is weather resistant making them perfect for outdoor patios, walkways, entrance ways, and more. Also great for indoors…toolbox, kitchen cabinets, or night lights for kids.

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