Deluxe Magic Loom Kit – All the Rage!

rubber band loom bracelet

If you haven’t seen this latest trend of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry made out of a rainbow of colorful rubber bands, then perhaps you have been living under a rock.  They’ve been featured on The Today Show and the bracelets can be seen up the arms of teens and tweens across the nation.  

Rubber Band Loom jewelry has been called the next “Silly Bandz”…and we all know how huge those were!

Loom jewelry is not necessarily new.  The “loom”, which is a tool, has been around for 100’s of years, used for knitting, making yarn, and beaded jewelry.  Of course, rubber bands have been around for a while, as well.  Put the two together and you’ve got a new phenomenon.

Want to start making some jewelry or have a child who wants to jump in on this trend?  You’ll need the loom tool and rubber bands to start.  Then you can really have some fun and personalize with charms.  Charms are great for adding some pizzazz to your creations and for trading!


To get started making loom jewelry from rubber bands the best thing to get is the Deluxe Magic Loom Kit.  Deluxe Magic Loom Kit includes the loom tool, 600 rubber bands, and 6 charms.

The sky’s the limit to all the fun you can have making these rubber band loom bracelets and other jewelry.  You can make them without the loom but it really does help and allows you to make a variety of widths designs. 

There are a rainbow of colors and rubber band refill kits, we even have scented bands! 


Fun Weevz rubber band loom refills and charms

Fun Weevz Rubber Band Refills and Charms