Micro Plus Personal Sound Amplifier by Bell and Howell

Micro Plus Personal Sound AmplifierDo you or someone you know struggle to hear, even when someone is right in front of you speaking? Does it drive your spouse or other loved ones crazy when you turn up the TV because you can’t hear it? Well Bell and Howell’s Micro Plus Personal Sound Amplifier is just for you! The Micro Plus Sound Amplifier is small and discreet, unlike other amplifiers that look like a headset, Micro Plus looks like a small cell phone ear piece so no one will ever know you are wearing a sound amplifier. We here at As Seen on TV Web Store love the look of Micro Plus…it’s sleek design is very modern and it has a flexible ear hook that can adjust to any shape or size ear. Bell and Howell’s Micro Plus can be worn on either the right or the left ear and comes equipped with 3 silicone ear pieces for a comfortable fit.

The best part is Micro Plus Sound Amplifier amplifies sound up to 100 ft and up to 50 decibels. Now you really can hear conversations from across the room, just like you’ve seen on TV! So whether you need to turn up the TV without disturbing others, go to the theater, or maybe eaves drop on your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend’s conversation from across the room (hee, hee), now you will hear everything with Micro Plus Sound Amplifier!

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