Hair Fill In Powder

Hair Fill in Powder for Women with Procapil  Hair Fill in Powder for Men with Procapil


Move over Joan Rivers, Great Hair Day isn’t the only hair fill in powder out anymore.  As Seen on TV Web Store is happy to announce we now carry Fisk Fill-In Powder, both for women and men.

Thinning and balding is something that effects millions of people here in the US.  Going out in public can make them feel embarrassed and many don’t go out at all as a result.  Hair regrowth products take time to work and are quite expensive, which means for many are just not an option.  Fisk Fill-In Powder covers and fills in those thinning and balding spots instantly.

What’s more is Fill-In Powder contains Procapil, a patented complex of natural botanicals that fight follicle aging and fortifies and rejuvenates hair each time it’s applied. The result is an amazing formula that helps promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

So now you’ve got instant coverage with a formula that is working for regrowth as well.  Genius!!