Easy Reach Plant Pulley

Easy Reach PLant Pulley
Ahhh…the Easy Reach Plant Pulley. How I love thee. Seriously, for those who are vertically challenged, like myself, the Easy Reach Plant Pulley is essential to healthy plants, and a safe me. No more climbing stools or ladders to water my hanging plants. The Easy Reach Plant Pulley can be hung on any hook around the house or outside, then all you do is reach up and pull your plant down to water, and then your plant easily goes right back up again. The pulley locks at any level and retracts when you’re done. “Easy up, easy down” is very true. I’m happy and so are my plants!

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Snap 2.0 Connect Your Hose in a Snap!

Snap 2.0
This may seem like a small thing but, I hate having to screw my gardening hose on and off the water faucet or watering tool I’m using. I never seem to get it lined up just right so it ends up taking forever to screw on. Plus, they always end up leaking and you end up with water squirting out, which is a waste and of course…I always end up getting squirt! That’s why I am loving the new As Seen on TV Snap 2.0 Garden Hose Connector. Snap 2.0 is super easy to install and then you can literally snap on and off your hose. With Snap 2.0 you can connect to your water faucet, to another hose or to any watering tool.

Snap 2.0 is self locking, so no buttons or rings to push to release the water. And the Snap 2.0 Hose Connector prevents leaks at the connecting points.

I can’t say enough good things about Snap 2.0…it really is a “Snap” to use and has made my life much easier!

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