Flexible Hose Usage Tips

Flexible Expanding Hose

Flexible Expanding Hose

The Flexible Expanding Hose is hugely popular right now.  It’s understandable, what a great product this Hose is.  Anyone who has a yard understands how heavy a regular garden hose can be and they’re so bulky, makes storing them a nightmare.

The Flexible Hose has solved this problem.  The inner portion of Flexible Expanding Hose is expandable, so the hose starts out small and then grows to 3 times its size when the water is turned on.    Turn the water off and it retracts back to its original size.  There is an outer layer that protects the inner layer from getting punctured and causing leaks.

Now you a have hose that is super lightweight and easy to store but still gives you the length you need to get your work done when you need to.

To best take care of your expanding hose so it will last a long time, follow these simple instructions…

#1- be sure the rubber washer is firmly set inside the female coupling to prevent leaks

#2- attach the female end to the water spigot

#3- attach the supplied on/off valve to the male end, you may attach a spray nozzle to the male threads if desired but the hose can be used without

#4- turn the on/off valve to the OFF position

#5- turn the water on gradually to allow the hose to expand, a sudden gush of water can cause holes so this is an important step

#6- once the hose is fully expanded turn the on/off valve to the ON position and use like an ordinary hose

#7- when finished using your hose, turn the water off at the spigot.  keep the on/off valve set to the ON position and allow all water to drain out of the hose

#8- your hose will retract to its original size, it is best to store out of the sun and weather elements, a good place is a shed or storage unit

DO NOT expand and stretch your hose when empty

BE SURE to DRAIN your hose completely before storing, especially during the winter months when the water could freeze and damage your hose (best to keep it indoors during the winter months)

KEEP your hose in the shade during the summer months

DO NOT allow the outer webbing to be cut, torn, or punctured as it protects the inner hose from damage

DO NOT turn the water on full blast to start, turn it on gradually to prevent holes or bursts

Flexible Expanding Hose is available in 25, 50, or 75 ft

Flexible Hose 25, 50, and 75 Feet!

Flexible Expanding Hose

Flexible Expanding Hose

If you have a yard or garden you need the Flexible Expanding Hose!  Now available in 25, 50, and 75 feet the Flex Hose starts small but expands to nearly 3 times its original size when the water is turned on.  What is so great about that?  Well, the smaller size makes Flexible Hose easy to store, it actually can fit in your hands!  When the water is turned on the hose expands to its full size so you can reach all the places you need to.

Some tips for taking care of your Flexible Expanding Hose…

#1- The first time you use your Flexible Hose, turn the water on slowly.  This allows the hose to expand slowly and prevents any leaks or bursts.  After the initial expansion, you can turn the water on as usual.

#2- Store your Flexible Hose in a safe spot, somewhere inside away from the weather elements.  This could be in a shed, carport, garage, or enclosed storage bin.  This will protect the hose material and you’ll be able to use your hose for years to come!

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