Flashlight Friends

flashlight friends 2

Introducing Flashlight Friends…the latest soft, cuddly, plush toy from As Seen on TV.  And what do kids love just as much as an adorable stuffed animal?  Flashlights of course!  Put the 2 together and you’ve got Flashlight Friends.  Cuddly and soft stuffed animal with a built in flashlight, I don’t know a single kid who wouldn’t love that!

Great for bedtime, sleepovers, camp outs, and more.  If you have a child who’s afraid of the dark, Flashlight Friends is perfect for them.  Flashlight Friends will give them companionship and the flashlight will comfort them in the dark.  After 10 minutes, they’ll be fast asleep and the flashlight automatically turns off.  No need to worry about running out the batteries!

Flashlight Friends are not here quite yet, should be arriving soon!  We will keep you posted.

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