XHose Pro Expandable Garden Hose

xhose DAP expanding hose 50 ft

XHose Pro Expanding Hose

My husband has been so impressed with the expanding XHose Pro that I bought for him that he just had to get on my blog and write about it. Here’s what he had to say…

This past Saturday, my wife awakens me at 8am, demanding that I get outside to clean up the yard, and wash the cars. The lawn isn’t really a mess, except for some downed branches, and the garden hose, which never gets put away. It’s just that whenever I go to wash the cars or water my lawn, I have to drag out a bulky garden hose, and then drag it back to our storage shed. So, I just leave the garden hose where it lay. It’s just too much of a pain to put away.
Lucky for me, my wife discovered that the XHose Pro, as seen on TV, has been released. With this hose, cleaning up the yard, and using a bulky garden hose is a thing of the past. It’s a high quality hose that comes in various sizes, weighs just over a pound, and is built to last. Its solid brass fittings certainly outdo the plastic ones that, from what I’ve heard, break and burst. Solid brass instead of plastic fittings? That’s a no-brainer. Obviously this is the better hose.
The size of this expandable hose makes it so simple to get out from storage that I can no longer argue with my wife. I have no excuse but to put this hose away. In fact, when I turn off the water, the XHose Pro coils up on its own! It’s eliminated the clutter in my yard, and makes washing my car and watering plants simpler, which is a good thing.

Find XHose Pro-

50 FT XHose Pro 

75 FT XHose Pro

XHose Pro – Professional Expanding Garden Hose

xhose DAP expanding hose 50 ft

XHose Pro Expanding Hose

XHose Pro by DAP, as seen on TV, is the only professional grade expanding garden hose on the market today. You can’t find a more durable expanding hose anywhere!

Only DAP’s XHose Pro is made with solid brass fittings- no leaks or bursts and you get a powerful spray. The tough inner layer and super strong out layer cannot be found in any other hose. XHose Pro is made with materials that make this expanding hose last.

The durability of the XHose Pro doesn’t make it super heavy, though. This hose is extremely light weight so it is easy to maneuver. Turn the water on and the hose expands, turn the water off and it contracts back down to a small, compact size for easy storage.

This hose is incredible and makes gardening and lawn care so much easier.

XHose Pro comes in 2 sizes- XHose Pro 50 FT and XHose Pro 75 FT

Flexible Hose Usage Tips

Flexible Expanding Hose

Flexible Expanding Hose

The Flexible Expanding Hose is hugely popular right now.  It’s understandable, what a great product this Hose is.  Anyone who has a yard understands how heavy a regular garden hose can be and they’re so bulky, makes storing them a nightmare.

The Flexible Hose has solved this problem.  The inner portion of Flexible Expanding Hose is expandable, so the hose starts out small and then grows to 3 times its size when the water is turned on.    Turn the water off and it retracts back to its original size.  There is an outer layer that protects the inner layer from getting punctured and causing leaks.

Now you a have hose that is super lightweight and easy to store but still gives you the length you need to get your work done when you need to.

To best take care of your expanding hose so it will last a long time, follow these simple instructions…

#1- be sure the rubber washer is firmly set inside the female coupling to prevent leaks

#2- attach the female end to the water spigot

#3- attach the supplied on/off valve to the male end, you may attach a spray nozzle to the male threads if desired but the hose can be used without

#4- turn the on/off valve to the OFF position

#5- turn the water on gradually to allow the hose to expand, a sudden gush of water can cause holes so this is an important step

#6- once the hose is fully expanded turn the on/off valve to the ON position and use like an ordinary hose

#7- when finished using your hose, turn the water off at the spigot.  keep the on/off valve set to the ON position and allow all water to drain out of the hose

#8- your hose will retract to its original size, it is best to store out of the sun and weather elements, a good place is a shed or storage unit

DO NOT expand and stretch your hose when empty

BE SURE to DRAIN your hose completely before storing, especially during the winter months when the water could freeze and damage your hose (best to keep it indoors during the winter months)

KEEP your hose in the shade during the summer months

DO NOT allow the outer webbing to be cut, torn, or punctured as it protects the inner hose from damage

DO NOT turn the water on full blast to start, turn it on gradually to prevent holes or bursts

Flexible Expanding Hose is available in 25, 50, or 75 ft