Eagle Eyes SeeMore Night Glasses

Many of you know and LOVE your Eagle Eyes Sunglasses.  NASA developed lens, UV protected, polarized, vision enhancing, blue blocker sunglasses that are unlike any other sunglasses out there, and so much better.  Eagle Eyes has taken that technology and applied it to their new SeeMore Night Glasses to block glare at nighttime while helping you see better.

Night Glasses have grown immensely in popularity over the years.  The yellow lens has been proven to brighten your surroundings to help you see better at night.  Eagle Eyes has taken this a step further with their high quality SeeMore Night Glasses.

Eagle Eyes SeeMore® lens filter glasses go further by providing “No-Glare” optical-grade AR (Anti-Reflective) Lens Coating. The result is night glasses that help reduce eye strain and fatigue along with blocking out the annoying glare of on-coming headlights.

With a yellow lens filter to brighten your surroundings and clarify your vision, plus the “No-Glare” optical-grade AR Lens Coating, you get an unparalleled pair of Night Glasses, allowing you to see better at night.

Eagle Eyes Night Glasses are available in Clip Ons and Ultralite Metro Frames.