Dust Daddy Vacuum Attachment

dust daddy

You would be surprised at how much dust is left behind once you are done cleaning. Some of those little nooks and crannies are impossible to reach with a vacuum or dust rag. But the new Dust Daddy is a dream come true! It helps me clean my keyboard at the office, my car under the seats and the air vents, silk plants and more.

The new As Seen on TV vacuum attachment Dust Daddy is super easy to use. The flexible suction tunes can go virtually anywhere. Simply attach to your vacuum and you’re ready to clean!

Dust Daddy is my favorite new cleaning gadget. My home and office are now dust free, and no more pesky dust allergies for me!!

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Measure King Digital Measuring Tape

measure king

For those that rely on taking measurements to get work done daily, Measure King is the answer. It can be used by carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, and more.

Measure King helps get accurate measurements in situations where it may be otherwise hard to do or impossible to get an accurate reading. With 3 different measuring functions it is the best measuring tool I have found. You can measure distance, width, circumference and more!

Measure King, As Seen on TV, allows you to measure any surface. Roll Mode will measure any curved surface or irregular shaped object just by rolling the attached wheel for length or distance. Flex Cord (String Mode) allows you to easily measure anything rounded. And Laser Mode is for those long and hard to reach areas. Just point and measure!

Measure King will definitely be a valuable addition to any tool box.

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Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats – Makes Grillin’ Super Easy with No Mess!

yoshi grill mat as seen on tv

Yoshi Grill and Bake Mat

Summer weather means grilling and fun with friends and family. But, every summer I have to clean out my grill before using it because of all the fat and juices that drip down into the grill, not to mention the insects that dine on them. Lucky enough, I came across the Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats, as seen on TV, which have changed grilling forever. This Mat goes right on the grill, and allows the heat to pass through so that the food cooks normally, but the mess doesn’t drip through the grates and into the grill! Rather than the sauces and juices dripping through the grate, the food cooks in its sauce and juice, which makes for better eating.

The Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat also protects the food from flare ups, and the food doesn’t stick to it. Furthermore, when we go camping or grill at a park, we can take our light-weight Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat with us so that we don’t have to worry about what has been on the grill we use. You can even cook a pizza, bake bread and pastries, and get the grill marks you want. When finished cooking, the Grill Mat is dishwasher safe, too. Now that I have my Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat, grilling and clean up is a breeze!

As Seen on TV Web Store’s Top 14 Valentine’s Gifts For 2014

As Seen on TV Web Store

As Seen on TV Web Store’s Top 14

As Seen on TV products make fantastic gifts.  Why?  Because they are fun, unique, and there’s something for everyone!  We’ve compiled a list of some of our top products this year for your special loved ones, whether for a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, son or daughter, mom or dad…there’s something here they’re sure to love and make them feel loved.  Here we go…

MicroTouch SwitchBlade is powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.  1. Micro Touch Switchblade- the all in one groomer for your guy!  With a built in light for those hard to see places.

Finishing Touch - Hair Remover2. Finishing Touch Lumina Diamond- hair trimmer for women also includes a light.  Great for bikini areas, eyebrows and more.

Perfecter Fusion Styler  3.Perfecter Fusion Styler- Replaces hairbrush, curling iron, flat iron, and hot rollers.  Get bouncy curls or smooth silky hair.  For all hair types!

Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker4. Stufz The Stuffed Burger Maker.  Make stuffed burgers like a professional chef!

5. Perfect Bacon Bowl- make edible bowls out of bacon!
Cafe Cup For Keurig Coffee Makers 6. Cafe Cup- use any kind of coffee in your Keurig Coffee Machine!

7. Stretchkins- gets your kids up and moving!

Seat Pets Bentley the Dog 8. Seat Pets- the plush friend that attaches to your child’s seat belt so they can use the oversized head as a pillow…no more dangling heads!

9. Band a Loom- are your kids into making loom bracelets?  This is the best kit around- comes with it’s own carrying case!

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD Set Time Life Music 10. Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts- watch as celebrity guests get ridiculed and embarrassed as they are “roasted” by Dean’s panel…hilarious!

Carol Burnett 6 DVD Set 11. Carol Burnett 6 DVD Set- this set includes Carol’s favorite episodes from the 25 Emmy Award Winning show plus bonus material!

Music of Your Life Time Life Box Set12. Music of Your Life- timeless love songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Romantically Yours - Time Life Music 13. Romantically Yours- classic love songs from the 70s and 80s.

Time Life Music's Romancing the 60s 14. Romancing the ’60s- loves songs from the 60s.

Please leave a post and let us know what you think of our list, did your favorite As Seen on TV product make it?  What is your favorite As Seen on TV product?
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Magna Color- Coming Soon!


Your kids are probably already asking for this one…we know cause we’ve been getting tons of calls from them! Magna Color is such a cool art design set, definitely not like anything else out there so it’s one that will impress the kids. Magna Color As Seen on TV is a design set in which you use a special pen to create designs out of dots. Use the stencils provided or create your own. Put on your 3D glasses, also included, and watch the design pop out of the screen! How cool is that?!?! Then you sweep the dots back into their sorting system and your ready to create again. So nice that everything stays all together, too, so there’s no mess!

Click here for more information on Magna Color

Solar Animal Repeller

Bell and Howell’s Solar Animal Repeller As Seen on TV will keep all those unwanted guests, just the animal variety guys :), out of your yard, garden, garbage, or anywhere else you don’t want them. Solar Powered so you don’t have to worry about batteries, Solar Animal Repeller detects motion up to 30 feet and at a 70 degree angle. Once motion is detected an ultrasonic sound is released to scare the animals away. Safe and humane, Solar Animal is also super easy to install. You can either use the included garden stake or mount onto a wall or fence.

Click here for more information on Bell and Howell’s Solar Animal Repeller

Olde Brooklyn Lantern

The Olde Brooklyn Lantern As Seen on TV…an antique look with a modern twist. Now you don’t have to worry about an open flame causing a fire. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern has 9 LED light bulbs that last up to 100,000 hours! You’d have to use this lantern A LOT to burn those out, lol. Who doesn’t love to have the nice, soft light of a lantern when you’re out camping, taking a walk at night, or just having dinner outside? But with traditional lanterns you had to worry about the risk of fire or burning yourself. Not anymore! That’s why we love the Olde Brooklyn Lantern here at As Seen on TV Web Store.

For more information on Olde Brooklyn Lantern Click Here

Cuddleuppet New Styles!

cuddleuppet ladybug

Cuddleuppets are blankets and a puppet all in one! Kids, or adults :), can play with these fun friends and then curl up at bedtime and wrap up in the warm blanket. In our previous post about Cuddleuppets we told you about Green Alligator, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Pink Poodle, Yellow Dog, and Blue Elephant. Now we have 2 more styles- Unicorn and Pink Ladybug! Now you can add to your collection!

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