Tac Polarized Glasses

tac glasses polarized military sunglasses

If you have ever shopped for sunglasses you know that it is very hard to find a pair that offers everything you want. Many sunglasses are designed for style while others are designed for their performance. With these military inspired Tac Sunglasses you will have the best of both worlds. Walking around or driving in the extremely bright sun is damaging to your eyes, so these Tac Polarized Glasses are in order.  Not only are they polarized, anti glare, and make colors more vibrant, but they are Super lightweight and very durable. You can’t beat the price either. Great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just because. I am extremely happy with mine! Go out and get a pair, you won’t be sorry!

Eagle Eyes SeeMore Night Glasses

Many of you know and LOVE your Eagle Eyes Sunglasses.  NASA developed lens, UV protected, polarized, vision enhancing, blue blocker sunglasses that are unlike any other sunglasses out there, and so much better.  Eagle Eyes has taken that technology and applied it to their new SeeMore Night Glasses to block glare at nighttime while helping you see better.

Night Glasses have grown immensely in popularity over the years.  The yellow lens has been proven to brighten your surroundings to help you see better at night.  Eagle Eyes has taken this a step further with their high quality SeeMore Night Glasses.

Eagle Eyes SeeMore® lens filter glasses go further by providing “No-Glare” optical-grade AR (Anti-Reflective) Lens Coating. The result is night glasses that help reduce eye strain and fatigue along with blocking out the annoying glare of on-coming headlights.

With a yellow lens filter to brighten your surroundings and clarify your vision, plus the “No-Glare” optical-grade AR Lens Coating, you get an unparalleled pair of Night Glasses, allowing you to see better at night.

Eagle Eyes Night Glasses are available in Clip Ons and Ultralite Metro Frames.

Seat Pets – Back in Stock!!!

seat pets asseenontv

Seat Pets

Seat Pets have been flying off our shelves and we sold out, but we are happy to say they have finally arrived in our warehouse!  Seat Pets have been one of the most requested kids plush items the As Seen on TV world has ever seen!  And why not?  They are super cute and practical, too.  Kids love Seat Pets and so do parents!

What is a Seat Pet?  These are the ingenious plush toy, created by dads, that provide storage for your kids special things and solve the “dangling head” problem in the car.  You know…you’re on a rode trip (even short ones) and your kid falls asleep.  You just cringe when you look back to see their head dangling, can’t be good for their neck!  Well, Seat Pets have over-sized, plush heads so they can act as a pillow in the car!  Seat Pets attach to your child’s seat belt so they stay in place and give them companionship, comfort and support.  With the built in pockets, Seat Pets allow your kids to keep snacks, drinks, and other goodies with them.

Seat Pets are the ultimate travel companion for in the car and on an airplane but they are also great for bedtime, sleep overs, play time, or just about anytime!  Now is the perfect time to get Seat Pets for your holiday travel plans!

Click the link Seat Pets to view all the available styles.

GoGo Pillow for Your Tablet

GoGo Pillow for Tablet

GoGo Pillow

GoGo Pillow is the amazing, as seen on TV travel pillow for any tablet!  GoGo Pillow allows you to use your tablet comfortably, anywhere you go!

This 3 in 1 pillow transforms from securely holding your tablet to a travel neck pillow and a backpack!

The GoGo Pillow straps not only make it a backpack for your own back, you can also strap them onto the back of a car seat so the kids in the back can watch movies while your on the road.  How fantastic for mom and dad….you get to drive in peace!

GoGo Pillow is perfect for use on the treadmill, on airplanes, on road trips (as long as you’re not driving, of course!), or lying in bed.

GoGo Pillow is now available at As Seen on TV Web Store in Gray, Blue, and for the super fashionista Pink Animal Print!


Packit The Freezable Lunch Bag

Packit Freezable Lunch Bag

Check out the fun new Packit colors for 2013!  Owls, Lightning Green, Ikat, and Cali Stripe are a few of our favorites here at As Seen on TV Web Store.

Packit is the Freezable Lunch Bag, As Seen on TV, that was created by moms a few years back and have become a household staple for kids’ lunches across America.  My own kids use theirs for lunch everyday at school, and now summer camp.  My husband takes his to work everyday, as do I.  We use Packit at the beach, for hikes, bike rides, road trips, amusement parks, picnics, the park, pretty much whenever we are on the go and need food on hand.  Even in the Florida heat, where we live, Packit keeps our food and drinks nice and cold.

My husband and I laugh and ask “what did we do before Packit?”.  We really use ours ALL the time!

Packit also makes the perfect baby shower gift.  The expecting moms I know always get one from me, and they love it!

Do you have a Packit?  Let us know how you like to use yours!

See all the colors here for Packit Freezable Lunch Bag As Seen on TV


Chillow Cooling Pad to Keep You Cool!

chillow cooling pad


Chillow is a cooling pad that once activated will provide cooling relief all night long while keeping you dry.

Those with hot flashes or who are prone to night sweats know the discomfort, not to mention the sleep disturbances, that go along with it.  Chillow Cooling Pad is for you.

Chillow is made from a water memory foam that is activated when you pour water in the cooling pad.  The memory foam is soft and comforting and the water keeps the pad below your body temperature while keeping you dry.  No electricity or batteries are required, making Chillow safe and easy to travel with!

Chillow is also great for neck pain, back pain, aching feet, arthritis, or any aches and pains.

Chillow is arriving to us at asseenontvwebstore.com very soon.  Click Chillow to view.

GoGo Pillow – Great for Traveling with Your Tablet!

GoGo Pillow for Tablet

GoGo Pillow


GoGo Pillow is the all new travel pillow from As Seen on TV, and it can be used 3 different ways!

We told you about GoGo Pillow a few weeks ago and we have been getting requests for them ever since!  These are a must have for this travel season and here’s why….

GoGo Pillow works with any tablet, allowing you to take it anywhere and use your tablet comfortably and securely.  Unzip GoGo Pillow and it transforms into a plush travel pillow.  Great for road trips, on airplanes, or even can be use for low back support.  But our favorite way to use GoGo Pillow is to strap the built in straps to the back of your car seat to watch movies!  So perfect for road trips with little ones!

Also great…now you can safely use your tablet on the treadmill or elliptical, chilling on the couch or lounge chair, even in bed you can use your tablet comfortably with GoGo Pillow.

We here at asseenontvwebstore.com are super excited for GoGo Pillow to come in, which was originally scheduled for sometime in July but we have GoGo Pillows in Gray on the way to us now!   We will let you know the moment they arrive!

Read more about GoGo Pillow