Anti Barking Ultrasonic Device

anti barking device

Tired of hearing your dog bark excessively, or being disobedient? Luckily this Anti-Barking Device can help you out! We tested it on our dog and we were pleasantly surprised.

Since the ultrasonic sound is inaudible to the human ear, it is exciting to be able to push a button and have your dog instantly stop barking or misbehaving. For the price, I highly recommend giving this a try. It is definitely better than losing your mind or upsetting your neighborhood when there is a simple alternative available.

Best of all, there is no harm or discomfort to your fur baby.  With the ultrasonic technology, there is no reason for harmful devices such as shock collars. When the dog barks or misbehaves, you simply push a button and the device emits a sound only audible by animals. It truly helps with barking and disobedience. Also, it doubles as a flashlight so you can see at night too. My dog doesn’t like it much, but it helps my neighbors and I keep our sanity!

Cat’s Meow

Cat's Meow Toy

Cat’s Meow Toy

I have grown up with cats my entire life.  My first cat actually followed me home while my mom took me for a walk in the stroller, I was just 6 months old.  That was Mr. Bojangles and he just would not let my mom not keep him 😉  Like most cats, Mr. Bojangles (or Jangles as we called him for short) tore up the furniture and carpet and was constantly batting at anything that moved, of course knocking over my mom’s breakables in the process.  If only we had Cat’s Meow back then.

Cat’s Meow is the cat toy your kitty needs to keep him entertained.  The Cat’s Meow, as seen on TV, moves just like a scurrying mouse…what cat could resist that?  With sudden movements to surprise your cat, Cat’s Meow will surely keep her entertained for hours.

If you’re tired of your cat knocking over your things, and creating lots of noise in the process, then you need Cat’s Meow!  It is the best cat toy and the last one you will have to buy.

The other great thing about the Cat’s Meow is it will give your cat some much needed exercise.  We all love to cuddle up with our kitties and they certainly are masters of napping but if yours is anything like mine, he/she is little pudgy.  Your cat will not be able to resist the Cat’s Meow and their figure will benefit from it.

Find Cat’s Meow here!