Measure King Digital Measuring Tape

measure king

For those that rely on taking measurements to get work done daily, Measure King is the answer. It can be used by carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, and more.

Measure King helps get accurate measurements in situations where it may be otherwise hard to do or impossible to get an accurate reading. With 3 different measuring functions it is the best measuring tool I have found. You can measure distance, width, circumference and more!

Measure King, As Seen on TV, allows you to measure any surface. Roll Mode will measure any curved surface or irregular shaped object just by rolling the attached wheel for length or distance. Flex Cord (String Mode) allows you to easily measure anything rounded. And Laser Mode is for those long and hard to reach areas. Just point and measure!

Measure King will definitely be a valuable addition to any tool box.

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Chill Chest Cooler

chill chest main

There are hundreds of different coolers out there to choose from. It is hard to find one that holds a lot, is lightweight, and is easy to transport. We have found the perfect one! Its called the Chill Chest. No ice is needed, so clean up is super easy. It holds up to 60 cans at a time and is still very lightweight. This cooler makes a trip to the beach or a picnic at the park so easy!

Chill Chest, As Seen on TV, is a collapsible cooler, making for compact and easy storage.

This past weekend we had a birthday party at the park and Chill Chest kept our food and drinks ice cold all day long, even out in the Florida heat. Then at the end of the day you just empty your things out of it, collapse and store-So Easy!! Chill Chest is the best cooler we have ever used.

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Instagone Pro Stain Remover and Cleaner

instagone pro stain remover as seen on tv

Instagone Pro Stain Remover

Instagone Pro, as seen on TV, cleans and removes stains from almost any surface in just seconds. Works on stucco, concrete, grout, tile, and even patio furniture. All that mildew and mold that is usually such a chore to remove comes off easily with Instagone Pro.

This amazing formula does all the work for you. No scrubbing required. Simply spray Instagone Pro on the surface you need to clean and it penetrates deep into the tiniest of crevices to get to all the dirt, mold, and mildew. Wipe it clean and you’re done!


Chillz Cooling Towels – Instantly Cool Towel

chillz cooling chill towel instantly cool

Chillz Cooling Towel

It’s summer time and it’s hot outside! Chillz Cooling Towels can help cool you off. Chillz Cooling Towels instantly activate once moistened. Right away this chill towel drops 20 degrees below the ambient temperature and lasts up to 4 hours.

Chillz Cooling Towels are great for any outdoor events…sporting events, going for hikes, jogging outside, gardening, etc. They are also great to take with you to workout at the gym, keep in your purse for hot flashes, on airplanes, and more. Each one comes in a small and compact pouch for easy transport, and the pouch is resealable so you can use your cooling towel again and again. We here at As Seen on TV Web Store use Chillz Towels to keep cool all summer long!

Reusable and machine washable, Chillz Cooling Towels will keep you cool!

Pocket Hose ULTRA Expanding Hose 75 FT!

pocket hose ultra expanding hose 75 ft as seen on tv

Pocket Hose Ultra 75 FT

The all new and improved Pocket Hose Ultra, as seen on TV, now available in 75 ft! Just like the original Pocket Hose, this expanding hose starts out small, turn the water on and it expands all the way to 75ft. What makes the Ultra different is the stronger materials used for a more durable hose.

Pocket Hose Ultra is now 3 times stronger than the original. With Amber Tips this hose is sure not to leak or burst.

Remember, with proper use you can use your Pocket Hose Ultra for a long time.  Make sure you connect properly to the spigot, turn the water on slowly so the hose does not burst, turn the water off when finished, disconnect your hose from the spigot and allow to drain completely.  Store in a dry, shaded place.

Pocket Hose Ultra 75ft is great those with a large yard or where the garden or flower beds are far from your water spigot.


BBQ Grill Mat – Great Flavor Without The Mess!

bbq grill mat

BBQ Grill Mat

The 4th of July is almost here! One of America’s top grilling holidays- do you have your Grill Mat??

The BBQ Grill Mat makes grilling super easy and with less mess. Simply grill your food right on the non-stick Grill Mat, right on the grill. You keep all those great juices and marinades in your food instead of dripping into your grill.

The Grill Mat is thin enough that you still get those beautiful grill marks.

We here at As Seen on TV Web Store love the flavor we get using the Grill Mats and we really love the easy clean up- just wipe with soapy water or put the Grill Mats in the dishwasher!  Roll up or lay flat for easy storage.


StufZ Sliders!

stufz sliders

Stufz Sliders Stuffed Burger Maker

From the makers of StufZ Stuffed Burger Maker comes StufZ Sliders! Now you can make mini stuffed slider burgers.

Sliders are “the thing” in burgers these days, nearly every trendy restaurant has a version of them on their menu. Stuffed sliders are among the most popular. Your favorite toppings stuffed inside a perfect mini burger? So yummy! That’s why we usually can’t stop at just one stuffed slider and thankfully most restaurants will give you a few 😉

What about for the home chef who wants to enjoy stuffed sliders anytime? How to wow your guests at your next backyard BBQ? That’s why we here at As Seen on TV Web Store love the all new Stufz Sliders! Stufz Sliders allows you to make professional style stuffed sliders, right at home. They are delicious and are sure to impress.

We first fell in love with Stufz, the original stuffed burger maker, earlier this year. It has a deep cup so the fillings stay inside the burger for perfectly stuffed hamburgers. Stufz Sliders is the same way except for little mini burgers. So now you have a choice between regular sized burgers and sliders- all that can be stuffed!

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

eagle eyes sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

The Florida Sun (the sun anywhere, really) wreaks havoc upon my eyes, especially during morning and evening commutes. Luckily, I came across Eagle Eyes Sunglasses, which far surpass any other pair of sunglasses I’ve ever worn. Developed by NASA for astronauts in space where there isn’t an atmosphere that protects their eyes from the sun’s rays, these sunglasses are unique in that they incorporate the Eagle Eyes® certified TriLenium® Lens System that protects your eyes against the various wave lengths of the sun’s light. These aren’t your everyday gas station sunglasses. EagleEyes Sunglasses have scratch resistant protection. But, you really have to try Eagle Eyes Sunglasses on outdoors to see how well they protect your eyes.
I love it in the springtime when the fresh buds on the trees are first appearing, and in the fall when the leaves transform into a rainbow of colors. EagleEyes Sunglasses amplify the range of these beautiful colors because they filter out the sun’s harmful rays. That haze during the summer is eliminated as well as the glare from the sun reflecting off of snow. The point is that, when you are wearing Eagle Eyes Sunglasses, you’re not squinting because Eagle Eyes Sunglasses actually work. These really are the greatest sunglasses I’ve ever worn. They aren’t as expensive as the other leading brands. Overall, EagleEyes Sunglasses are definitely the sunglasses I will be wearing from now.

XHose Pro Expandable Garden Hose

xhose DAP expanding hose 50 ft

XHose Pro Expanding Hose

My husband has been so impressed with the expanding XHose Pro that I bought for him that he just had to get on my blog and write about it. Here’s what he had to say…

This past Saturday, my wife awakens me at 8am, demanding that I get outside to clean up the yard, and wash the cars. The lawn isn’t really a mess, except for some downed branches, and the garden hose, which never gets put away. It’s just that whenever I go to wash the cars or water my lawn, I have to drag out a bulky garden hose, and then drag it back to our storage shed. So, I just leave the garden hose where it lay. It’s just too much of a pain to put away.
Lucky for me, my wife discovered that the XHose Pro, as seen on TV, has been released. With this hose, cleaning up the yard, and using a bulky garden hose is a thing of the past. It’s a high quality hose that comes in various sizes, weighs just over a pound, and is built to last. Its solid brass fittings certainly outdo the plastic ones that, from what I’ve heard, break and burst. Solid brass instead of plastic fittings? That’s a no-brainer. Obviously this is the better hose.
The size of this expandable hose makes it so simple to get out from storage that I can no longer argue with my wife. I have no excuse but to put this hose away. In fact, when I turn off the water, the XHose Pro coils up on its own! It’s eliminated the clutter in my yard, and makes washing my car and watering plants simpler, which is a good thing.

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50 FT XHose Pro 

75 FT XHose Pro

Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats – Makes Grillin’ Super Easy with No Mess!

yoshi grill mat as seen on tv

Yoshi Grill and Bake Mat

Summer weather means grilling and fun with friends and family. But, every summer I have to clean out my grill before using it because of all the fat and juices that drip down into the grill, not to mention the insects that dine on them. Lucky enough, I came across the Yoshi Grill & Bake Mats, as seen on TV, which have changed grilling forever. This Mat goes right on the grill, and allows the heat to pass through so that the food cooks normally, but the mess doesn’t drip through the grates and into the grill! Rather than the sauces and juices dripping through the grate, the food cooks in its sauce and juice, which makes for better eating.

The Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat also protects the food from flare ups, and the food doesn’t stick to it. Furthermore, when we go camping or grill at a park, we can take our light-weight Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat with us so that we don’t have to worry about what has been on the grill we use. You can even cook a pizza, bake bread and pastries, and get the grill marks you want. When finished cooking, the Grill Mat is dishwasher safe, too. Now that I have my Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat, grilling and clean up is a breeze!