Anti Barking Ultrasonic Device

anti barking device

Tired of hearing your dog bark excessively, or being disobedient? Luckily this Anti-Barking Device can help you out! We tested it on our dog and we were pleasantly surprised.

Since the ultrasonic sound is inaudible to the human ear, it is exciting to be able to push a button and have your dog instantly stop barking or misbehaving. For the price, I highly recommend giving this a try. It is definitely better than losing your mind or upsetting your neighborhood when there is a simple alternative available.

Best of all, there is no harm or discomfort to your fur baby.  With the ultrasonic technology, there is no reason for harmful devices such as shock collars. When the dog barks or misbehaves, you simply push a button and the device emits a sound only audible by animals. It truly helps with barking and disobedience. Also, it doubles as a flashlight so you can see at night too. My dog doesn’t like it much, but it helps my neighbors and I keep our sanity!

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