Samurai 360 by Vonhome

Samurai 360 Review

Introducing the all new Samurai 360 by VONHOME! The latest kitchen gadget As Seen on TV that promises to cut, slice, chop and mince like a champ! As Seen on TV has a rich history of kitchen gadgets including the Chop Wizard and Slap Chop just to name a few! All promising to be the only slicer you will ever need!

Samurai 360

The Samurai 360 resembles a pizza cutter! It features a 360 degree rotating blade that cuts while you roll forward and backwards as you roll the blade. It’s super lightweight and the blade is made of forged stainless steel to cut through even the hardest of veggies. One perk that I like is it also features a blade break to chop up salads fast and easy! I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the break down and it’s also dishwasher safe!

Samurai 360 by Vonhome

We are not sure this will replace all your kitchen knives, but the comfort of the handle and unique 360 design is pretty cool. The blade of the Samurai 360 is super sharp, so watch your fingers! All in all we give this item an A!

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