Futzuki Mat Foot Massaging Mat

All new As Seen on TV product, Futzuki Mat! Hard to say and easy to forget how to spell, this foot massaging mat is taking over TV airways! Not the first time an As Seen on TV item has boasted to improve your health through your feet. It’s said that toxin’s can be removed from the feet and that your feet have many reflex points on them that are crucial for over all health!


The Futzuki Mat has 2,800 reflexology points that will help heal, comfort and soothe your tired aching feet. Reflexology is a term you may have heard before if you have suffered from chronic foot pain! It’s thought that there’s many reflex points on your feet that relate to different organs in your body. Reflexology is referred to be similar to acupressure, but it’s focused solely on your feet. This mat boasts to improve blood flow to certain organs and provide relief from stress and anxiety! There has been some studies on reflology and the results do show some increased blood flow and it for sure can help with sleep problems!


Other foot massaging mats are out there on the market! The Futzuki mat is priced in the middle of the road compared to these other acupressure type mats. We can not say that this mat will heal your organs or cure different ailments, but we do know it feels good. We can tell you that for only $14.95, it’s a great buy to get some foot massages and some much needed stress relief!

Please go here for more info New Futzuki Mat

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