Invention Idea Submission

ivention idea submit

Submit Your Invention Idea

Ever see a product and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Simple ideas that are making some folks millions. Do you have the next big idea that could make you millions? Submit your invention idea today and find out!

Having a great product idea is one thing but how do you get it made and out on the market? Lightning Launch is a team of professional Product Managers who work to develop, license, and distribute new products for inventors. They have the knowledge, experience and relationships to get your product out on the market and making you money!

Lightning Launch guides you through the entire process. Submit your idea to Lightning Launch for free. If they think your idea has what it takes they will contact you and move forward with the process. There is a one time fee at this point to cover the cost of helping you design your product & retail packaging, and getting your product in front of licensing companies. Once your product is out on the market they work with licensees to ensure long-term success.

You have nothing to lose- the initial submission is absolutely free! Who knows…your invention idea could be the next big thing!

Invention Idea Submission

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