Bright Eyes Blanket – New From the Makers of Snuggies

bright eyes blanket

Bright Eyes Blanket

Bright Eyes Blanket is the all new blanket for kids from the makers of Snuggies. Anybody remember Snuggies? How could you forget the blanket with sleeves that swept the nation a few years ago? Well, they’re back with these adorable new blankets for kids.

Bright Eyes Blankets, As Seen on TV, are made of the same super soft fleece as the Snuggie but instead of sleeves they just have pockets for kids to slip their hands into and keep them warm. These blankets get a bit more personality with a fun character hood with eyes that glow in the dark!

Kids love to cuddle up and be cozy. Bright Eyes Blanket is perfect for doing just that- on the couch, camping, at bed time, or at a slumber party. They can even wear their Bright Eyes Blanket as a robe!

Bright Eyes Blankets come in 4 different fun styles- Puppy, Kitten, Panda, and Duck.

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