Phantom Saucer Magically Flying Saucer

Phantom Saucer Flying Saucer As Seen on TV

Phantom Saucer


Remember those worms on an invisible string that magically look like their moving on their own? Squirmles and Tricky Worm were a couple of their names. Those who grew up the 70’s probably remember them. These retro worms have made a come back in recent years and now you can even get a flying saucer that’s based on the same idea.

The Phantom Saucer, as seen on TV, is very similar to those magic worms that move on their own, expect for it’s a magically flying saucer. Phantom Saucer comes with the flying saucer and an invisible string that you attach to your ear- that way your hands are free to perform the magic tricks.

Most kids love magic tricks, especially performing them themselves. Phantom Saucer is a great addition to any little magician’s bag of tricks. Does the Phantom Saucer work? Yes it does. It takes some time to figure it out but with practice they will get the hang of it and will be dazzling their own audiences. This flying saucer might not be right for very young children, although they will love watching their older siblings work some magic.

Adults can join the fun, too- magic isn’t just for kids! You can be the entertainment for birthday parties and other events. Now you don’t have to hire that clown!


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