Janimals – Wearable Stuffed Animals Are Here!

janimals stuffed animals pajamas



JAnimals! are wearable stuffed animals and we have been getting tons of requests for them. We are happy to say they have finally arrived!

My own kids have been begging me for JAnimals, as seen on TV, and I was very excited to get them each a pair. My daughter got the Zebra, my son the Dog. They have been wearing them constantly.

I must say, the quality is really good on these, I think Janimals will last my super active kids (cause you know they aren’t just going to sleep in them).

Now the commercial says Janimals are great for kids and adults but I don’t think there will be adults in my household wearing them. Could make a good Halloween costume though 😉  The kids however, absolutely love them.

Find the perfect style for your child here JAnimals Wearable Stuffed Animals

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