Catch Caddy – Car Organizer

catch caddy car organizer

Catch Caddy

Ever drop stuff between your front seat and the console? Next thing you know you’re digging in there but cannot get your stuff out! Not only is this extremely frustrating, and kinda gross (never know what is in there), but dangerous, too. Trying to drive while digging around to get your phone, coins, or whatever you dropped is quite distracting. Not a good combination! Catch Caddy, as seen on TV, is the solution!

Catch Caddy, conveniently fits in between your front seats and the center console so it captures those dropped items like jewelry, loose change, food, etc, and you don’t lose them in the cracks. Not only does Catch Caddy catch your dropped stuff but is a great car organizer to hold cell phones, maps, sunglasses, change, jewelry, and more.


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