Juggle Bubbles – Juggle With Bubbles! As Seen on TV

juggle bubbles don't pop

Juggle Bubbles Don’t Pop!

Juggle Bubbles have finally arrived in our warehouse and are ready to ship!

Bubbles are a classic entertainment for kids but too bad they always pop when you try to play with them! Now you can toss bubbles around, play catch and handball with Juggle Bubbles!

Juggle Bubbles, as seen on TV, are magical bubbles that don’t pop! The secret is in the no-pop solution (also non-toxic) and the magic gloves. Put on the magic gloves and you can play with these huge bubbles and they won’t pop!

We brought some home and kids had a blast! It takes some practice to not pop the bubbles but once you get it down they really don’t pop!


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