J-animals – Wearable Stuffed Animals!

janimals stuffed animals pajamas



Kids are having so much fun wearing their JAnimals! JAnimals are a stuffed animal that you can actually wear as pajamas.

J Animals remind me of the those footed pajamas I used to love as a kid but even more spiffed up. J-Animals have are a stuffed animal when they are all rolled up. Roll them out and now you’ve got PJs! The adorable stuffed animal head is now on your child’s head so they can have fun imagining they are an animal- great to get kids creative juices flowing!

The JAnimal, as seen on TV, is super soft and comfy. Your kids will WANT to go put their pajamas on when they get to where J Animals!

Find the perfect style for your child here JAnimals Wearable Stuffed Animals

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