Help Stop Snoring with Silent Zees!

silent zees snore relief system

Silent Zee’s Snore Relief System

If you have a spouse like my husband, you don’t get much sleep.  The snoring keeps me up all night long. I spend many nights sleeping on the coach- and I can even hear him snoring out in the living room! I used to laugh at my parents sleeping in separate bedrooms because of my father’s snoring. I said we would never be that kind of couple. Now I understand. Sleep is too important and as long as my husband is snoring, I can’t sleep in the same room as him.

Honestly, I miss sleeping next to my husband. Which is why I am very excited about Silent Zee’s Snore Relief System that we’ve found, as seen on TV. Neither my husband nor I wanted to resort to drugs to relieve his snoring problem so Silent Zees is a perfect solution for us. It’s a mouth piece snore guard that he wears at night to open up the airways so he can breathe more easily. This helps to reduce snoring as well as sleep apnea.

So far, it’s working. Silent Zee’s has proven to be a great solution to stop snoring. I’ve been able to sleep next to my husband at night and get a full night’s rest. My husband also is feeling much more rested. Our energy is up through-out the day, we are more productive at work, and still have enough energy to play with our kids in the evenings. It’s truly amazing how much getting good, restful sleep can impact your life!


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