Juggle Bubbles- So Fun For Kids of All Ages!

juggle bubbles don't pop

Juggle Bubbles Don’t Pop!


Juggle Bubbles are the latest craze amongst As Seen on TV enthusiasts. These bubbles don’t pop! Once our kids mastered how to use the Mega Bubble Blower, and to gently touch the bubbles, they played for hours! Juggle Bubbles comes with the Mega Bubble Blower, a non-toxic, “No-Pop” Bubble Solution and Magic Gloves that don’t pop the bubbles as fast as your hands would. Of course, the bubbles eventually pop, but these Juggle Bubbles do last longer than other ordinary bubbles. Juggle Bubbles are tons of fun – you can pass the bubbles back and forth with a friend, or juggle the bubbles on your own! On those rainy days, you can play catch inside, and on nice days, you can also play with Juggle Bubbles outside. Juggle Bubbles are a great gift for kids of all ages!

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