Hideaway Pets – A Magical Surprise?

hideaway pets as seen on tv stuffed animals

Hideaway Pets

My kids are driving me nuts with these Hideaway Pets. Since seeing the commercial on TV, whenever we encounter a Hideaway Pet, they immediately want to see “the magic in their eyes.”

Quite literally, Hideaway Pets, as seen on TV, are a super-soft stuffed animal that can be rolled up into a ball, and they do have the cutest faces. The only “adventures” the kids go on with their Hideaway Pets are whatever they usually do when kids play. But the kids do love them! They are soft and cuddly and perfect for night-time snuggling.

Its funny how a kid will latch onto a toy that is different in the simplest way, but their Hideaway Pets make them happy, which makes me happy too.


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