XHose Pro – Professional Expanding Garden Hose

xhose DAP expanding hose 50 ft

XHose Pro Expanding Hose

XHose Pro by DAP, as seen on TV, is the only professional grade expanding garden hose on the market today. You can’t find a more durable expanding hose anywhere!

Only DAP’s XHose Pro is made with solid brass fittings- no leaks or bursts and you get a powerful spray. The tough inner layer and super strong out layer cannot be found in any other hose. XHose Pro is made with materials that make this expanding hose last.

The durability of the XHose Pro doesn’t make it super heavy, though. This hose is extremely light weight so it is easy to maneuver. Turn the water on and the hose expands, turn the water off and it contracts back down to a small, compact size for easy storage.

This hose is incredible and makes gardening and lawn care so much easier.

XHose Pro comes in 2 sizes- XHose Pro 50 FT and XHose Pro 75 FT

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