Snackeez All In One Snack and Cup

snackeez snack and drink in one cup

Snackeez All In One Cup

The verdict is in…everyone loves Snackeez! Our current best seller- Snackeez is the all in one drink and snack cup.

Snackeez allows you to have your snack and eat it too 😉 No more fumbling around trying to hold your drink in one hand while holding AND eating your snack in another. Snackeez is great for road trips, airplanes, hikes, anywhere you don’t have a spot to securely place your food and drink. Snackeez holds it all for you so you can still have a free hand.

Snackeez is perfect for kids- helps eliminate messes and spills when trying to handle a drink and snack at the same time. The bottom part of Snackees holds a 16oz drink while the top holds a bag of chips! The straw allows you to easily sip your drink. The lid flips open so you can easily enjoy your snack and then securely closes when needed.


We here at As Seen on TV Web Store just love Snackeez, our customers do to!

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