SlimHot Hot Body Shapers

SlimHot Hot Body Shapers to lose weight

SlimHot Hot Body Shapers

I’m loving these capris and shorts that make you sweat like crazy and lose tons of weight! SlimHot Hot Body Shapers increase your core temperature and metabolism so your workouts are more effective and you lose weight faster than with regular gym wear.

We all know the secret to burning more calories is a high metabolism. Hot Body Shapers help you achieve just that so you are burning more calories, even when you’re not working out. When you increase your core temperature your body has to work harder, thus increasing your metabolism. This has a lasting effect and lasts all day long. You end up burning more calories and losing more weight.

The Hot Body Shapers pants and shorts also help to smooth your skin. This helps to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Your body’s cellulite will begin to diminish as a result of the increased weight loss (including fat loss) and the smoothing of the skin- a double whammy!


SlimHot Hot Body Shapers are available in Capri Pants, Bermuda Shorts, and even as a BellyBurner Belt to target your waistline. You can wear Hot Body Shapers during your workouts as well as throughout the day for maximum results.

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