Snackeez All In One Snack and Cup

snackeez snack and drink in one cup

Snackeez All In One Cup

Snackeez is a new, revolutionary all-in-one drink and snack travel cup! That’s right, Snackeez, as seen on TV, is one cup that you can put both your snack and your drink in. How cool is that!

Ever try to hold your drink and snack while trying to eat and drink at the same time? Not easy since you don’t have a third hand to feed yourself. You end biting into your snack bag, making a complete mess of yourself (and looking a bit foolish 😉 )…it’s not a relaxing situation. Don’t you want to enjoy your snack and drink? Not be fumbling around trying to just get it in your mouth.

Snackeez is the solution to this problem. The bottom holds a 16oz drink while the top holds a bag of chips! The straw allows you to easily sip your drink. The lid flips open so you can easily enjoy your snack. No more fumbling around!


Snackeez is such a genius idea…why didn’t I think of that?

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