Perfect Bacon Bowl – As Seen on TV – Bacon Just Got Even Better!

perfect bacon bowl

Perfect Bacon Bowl

Wow…never would have thought that bacon could get any better but now it has with Perfect Bacon Bowl As Seen on TV!

The Perfect Bacon Bowl is 2 bowl molds that allow you to make a bowl made out of bacon.  How cool is that?!  Simply wrap your bacon around the mold and bake, in minutes you have delicious bacon bowls to fill with all kinds of yummy treats!


The bottom channel of Perfect Bacon Bowl collects the grease so you can just pour it out making bacon healthier!

Use your Perfect Bacon Bowl for eggs, BLT’s, burgers, pizza bites, and more!  You can even use it to make bread bowls.  There are all kinds of fun treats you can make with your Perfect Bacon Bowl!

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