Hurricane 360 Spin Mop – As Seen on TV

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, as seen on TV, is finally here!  We here at As Seen on TV Web Store have been anxiously awaiting this one…we love squeaky clean floors but hate touching the yucky, dirty mop water! We don’t have to that anymore with Hurricane Spin Mop!

Hurricane Spin Mop has a spinning mop head that makes it easy to pick up dirt and dust from your floors.  The spinning action also allows you to easily get around corners and around the dreaded toilet bowl.  You can walk away in confidence that your floors are truly clean!

The Hurricane Mop bucket also spins…spinning the dirt away so you don’t have to touch the dirty mop water!

The handle lays flat so Hurricane Mop can get underneath tables and chairs without you having to bend over.  I know my back is loving this feature 🙂


Cleaning my floors has never been so easy as with Hurricane Mop.  It works on all hard floor surfaces and I even use it to dust hard to reach places!

3 comments on “Hurricane 360 Spin Mop – As Seen on TV

  1. I have purchased many as seen on tv products from but i have not heard about this product as it’s not available on the website. But now i want to try it. Anybody can suggest me the site where i can buy this product.

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