FunLoom Kit – Silcone Bands and Loom Tool!

FunLoom Kit

Fun Loom Kit

Looming Kits are turning up all over the place!  Why?  Because they are so much fun!  Fun Loom is one of our favorites because it comes with silicone bands, instead of rubber bands, which can snag hair- ouch!

FunLoom, as seen on TV, comes with 600 silicone bands, 1 loom tool, 1 pick, and c-clips.  Now it’s up to your imagination to come with your own creations!  You can make bracelets, necklaces, rings, friendship jewelry and more!


Looming is a great activity for both boys and girls, ages 7 and up.  Keeps them busy, gets those creative juices flowing, keeps them out of trouble!  With loom bracelets all the rage these days, your kids will love making them and trading with their friends.

Add some personal touches to your creations with a rainbow of colored bands and charms!

Click here for Rubber Bands

Click here for Charms


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