Pillow Pets Hello Kitty – She’s So Cute!

Hello Kitty Pillow Pet

Hello Kitty Pillow Pet

What happens when you combine the most famous kitty with the most famous kids plush toy?  You guessed it… the all new Hello Kitty Pillow Pet!

If you don’t know what a Pillow Pet is, after I say “where have you been?!”, I’ll tell you.  Pillow Pet is a loveable, cuddly friend and a pillow, all in one.  Folded up, as shown in the picture above, Pillow Pet is an adorable friend.  Opened, Pillow Pet makes a super soft and comfy pillow.  These are great for kids of all ages (mine each have one), they are great to take on road trips, on airplanes, to sleepovers, or just about anytime.

My kids love, and have worn through, their Pillow Pets.  I will surely be getting Hello Kitty for my daughter…I don’t know any little girl who doesn’t LOVE Hello Kitty!


We here at As Seen on TV Web Store just think Hello Kitty Pillow Pet is adorable.  Hurry and get yours because we know these will go very fast!


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