Light Angel Motion Activated LED Lights!

light angel motion activated lights

Light Angel Motion Activated Stick Up Lights

Following the success of the Insta Bulb comes Light Angel!  Light Angel, as seen on TV, is motion activated LED lights that require no installation or wiring.  You simply peel and stick Light Angel wherever you want it!

Light Angel’s LED lights light up for 60 seconds once motion is detected.  Perfect for patios, pools, porches, pathways, inside cabinets & drawers, and more.

Having light around your pathways and porches is essential for safety (don’t want anyone hurting themselves!) but installing electrical lights is expensive and time consuming.  That’s why Light Angel is so perfect!  Plus, for those renters out there who want some light outside but can’t get their landlord to install it, Light Angel is the perfect solution.

Not only does Light Angel keep your pathways safer, they keep you safe from intruders!  Studies show that as soon as a light comes on around your house, the potential intruder leaves.  Another great reason to get Light Angel for your home!


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