GoGo Pillow for Your Tablet

GoGo Pillow for Tablet

GoGo Pillow

GoGo Pillow is the amazing, as seen on TV travel pillow for any tablet!  GoGo Pillow allows you to use your tablet comfortably, anywhere you go!

This 3 in 1 pillow transforms from securely holding your tablet to a travel neck pillow and a backpack!

The GoGo Pillow straps not only make it a backpack for your own back, you can also strap them onto the back of a car seat so the kids in the back can watch movies while your on the road.  How fantastic for mom and dad….you get to drive in peace!

GoGo Pillow is perfect for use on the treadmill, on airplanes, on road trips (as long as you’re not driving, of course!), or lying in bed.

GoGo Pillow is now available at As Seen on TV Web Store in Gray, Blue, and for the super fashionista Pink Animal Print!


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