Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk

Hot Huez Hair Chalk

Hot Huez, as seen on TV, is hair chalk for temporary hair color.  Now you can get fabulous color streaks in your hair super fast and easy!

To use Hot Huez you simply place your hair in the applicator, press and slide, and that’s it!  The hair color shampoos out when you’re done.  No messy dyes or sprays with Hot Huez and you can use each color again and again!

We’ve tried Hot Huez on my daughter, a blonde, and her friend, a brunette.  I was very impressed with the boldness of the color, even on the brunette.  I would say the color was a bit more vibrant on my daughter, of course, since she’s a blonde.  But they both LOVED having some cool, fun color streaks in their hair.

Hot Huez is this summer’s big hit for teens and tweens for sure!

Check out all the fun colors of Hot Huez

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